StyLight Structural S G580-1

StyLight Structural S G580-1 is a thermoplastic composite based on a modified SAN matrix optimized for structural applications. StyLight is our innovative thermoplastic composite based on styrenic copolymers for lightweight design. This combination of structural stiffness, aesthetics, processability and dimensional stability makes StyLight an excellent solution for high performance applications.

Key Features

  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Very good processing
  • High impact strength
  • Low moisture absorption


  • Seat structures
  • Interior trims
  • Drones
  • Grade Version
  • Properties

    Properties of StyLight Structural S G580-1

    Property, Test Condition Standard Unit Values
    Mechanical Properties
    Thermal Properties
    Other Properties
    Material Description

    Typical values for uncolored products

  • Processing

    Processing of StyLight Structural S G580-1

  • Safety Data Sheet