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Terblend® (ABS+PA & ASA+PA)

The Terblend® N product line is comprised of blends of ABS with polyamide. It combines excellent impact strength and chemical resistance with high melt flow and good acoustic dampening. Terblend® N is especially suitable for cus­tomers looking for a matte surface finish that does not require painting, and is therefore a cost-effective solution for automo­tive interiors.

Terblend® S products are a blend of ASA with polyamide. The ASA component gives Terblend® S unique prop­erties such as higher UV resistance and better color fastness, maintaining important features such as easy processing, high impact strength and a matte surface appear­ance. In the automotive industry, the product offers an excellent solution for interior parts above the belt line, UV-ray-exposed components in convertibles, and brightly colored as­semblies.