Styrolution® PS

Styrolution® PS resins are a comprehensive range of general-purpose and high-impact polystyrene products. Whereas GPPS offers color consistency, excellent transparency and easy processing, HIPS provides color consistency, good balance between flowability and mechanical properties such as impact and tensile strength, and easy processing.
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Styrolution PS 576H

High gloss HIPS
Good flow and heat resistance

Styrolution PS 454N

Good balance of toughness, high flow, and heat resistance
High gloss

Styrolution PS 495N

High flow
Good balance of toughness and heat resistance

Styrolution PS 165N/L

High molecular weight
Good flow characteristics

Styrolution PS 5400/5401

High Impact

Styrolution PS 7800

Extremely high surface gloss
Good processibility

Styrolution PS 6210/6211

Great balance of rigidity and toughness
USP Class VI certified

Styrolution PS ESCRimo

Deep draw thermoforming

Styrolution PS 495F

High flow HIPS
Good heat resistance with high stiffness

Styrolution PS 3600/3601

Exceptional flow characteristics
Good for thin wall and complex parts

Styrolution PS 2710

Improved Environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) HIPS
Balanced mechanical properties

Styrolution PS 5600/5601

Fine balance of toughness and rigidity
Good processibility

Styrolution PS 158K

High heat resistance GPPS
High transparency

Styrolution PS 7120

Excellent ESCR to foodstuffs and PUR foams
Good low temperature impact strength

Styrolution PS 5410

Good printability
Good environmental stress crack resistance

Styrolution PS 2600/2601

Low residual styrene monomer content
Moderate heat resistance

Styrolution PS 476L

Normal flow HIPS
Good mechanical and heat resistance properties

Styrolution PS 542N

High heat resistance

Styrolution PS 1290/1291

Low residual styrene monomer content
High melt strength and stiffness

Styrolution PS 147F

Medium Flow
Easy processability

Styrolution PS 168N

High molecular weight, heat resistant grade used where high strength is required.
Suitable for physically or chemically expanded extruded sheet

Styrolution PS 6220

Single use foodservice
High gloss

Styrolution PS 1300/1301

Good balance of flow and strength
High stiffness