Selected publications

Foam injection molding of Styrene polymers

The constant interest of the polymer processing industry in weight reduction and material savings lead to the processing of thermoplastic polymers by foam injection molding. Especially foamed polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA) are often used in automotive or household foam injection molded parts, as a weight saving in the order of magnitude of 10 % can be achieved in a drop-in process. With further optimization and special mold technologies such as a ‘breathing mold’ concept, the density can be reduced up to 20 - 30 %. Within this work a wide range of styrene based themoplastic polymers was investigated according to their foaming behavior.

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Thermoplastic Styrene/Butadiene Elastomers: from Product Innovation to new Applications

The presentation gives an introduction to Styroflex®, a unique S-TPE Elastomer based on innovative chemistry. The structure/property relationships are given as well as the compatibility in blending with thermoplastic polymers leading to positive influence on impact.

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