News Release

INEOS Styrolution supports charity organisations in Frankfurt


Frankfurt, Germany

 Photo: Frankfurter Tafel e.V. and StreetAngel e.V.

  • The donation supports the “Frankfurter Tafel” and the StreetAngels in the Frankfurt train station district

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a significant additional burden on the homeless. The area around the Frankfurt train station is regarded as a deprived area with a number of the population suffering from poverty, lack of shelter and hunger.

With its headquarters being close to these parts of the city, INEOS Styrolution has donated to two local charity organizations to help assist those in need. INEOS Styrolution donated a total of €20,000 to the “Frankfurter Tafel”[1] and to the “StreetAngel e.V.”[2] to support their work.

A spokesperson for the Frankfurter Tafel comments: “Providing people in need with food is close to our hearts as voluntary workers. Per month, we ensure that 250 tons of food are not wasted. We bring food where it belongs.”

A spokesperson for the StreetAngel e.V. in Frankfurt says: “We are grateful for the donation in the name of the people in need. It helps to provide food, sleeping bags and insulating mats during the cold months.”

Dr. Alexander Glück, President EMEA at INEOS Styrolution: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold our annual Christmas party this year. Being a daily witness of the many people suffering just around the corner of our offices, we decided to rededicate the budget reserved for this event to support local charities helping our fellow human beings in the ‘Bahnhofsviertel’.”