News Release

Advancing the standard in clear transparency and toughness


Frankfurt, Germany

  • Styrolution offers greater customer value and new product innovations through the launch of three new Zylar grades
  • Styrolution strengthens supply security for EMEA and global customers
  • Portfolio expansion further drives forward Styrolution's ‘Triple Shift' growth strategy by advancing transparent speciality products

Frankfurt, Germany – July 22, 2014 – Complementing its strong and innovative transparent specialty portfolio, Styrolution, the global leader in stryrenics, today launched three new Zylar grades: Zylar 650, Zylar 245 and Zylar 765.

The new grades expand the innovative Zylar portfolio, which consists of diverse grades of methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymers.  Zylar products are characterized by water clear transparency, high flowability, good chemical resistance and customizable toughness. The development and addition of Zylar 650, Zylar 245 and Zylar 765 are further proof of Styrolution's commitment to innovation in transparent specialties and offers customers new material options in a range of industries including healthcare, household, toys/sports/leisure and packaging.

Currently produced out of Styrolution's Schwarzheide facility, the new grades, as well as the entire Zylar portfolio, provide global and EMEA customers with greater supply security. This will be further enhanced in the fourth quarter of 2014 with the startup of a new NAS and Zylar plant in Ludwigshafen. With two European production sites for Zylar, EMEA customers will not only benefit from local supply but also from dedicated service teams that offer expertise in selected focus industries, technical support, regulatory services and certifications.

Key points:

Enhancing a market-leading offering in transparent specialties:
The new Zylar grades further modernize and strengthen the existing Zylar portfolio, which ranges from the extremely impact resistant Zylar 960 to the versatile and medium-impact grades Zylar 550 and Zylar 650. Globally available, both Zylar 960 and Zylar 650 extend the overall portfolio in EMEA and abroad. The continuously innovative Zylar portfolio also offers two new grades with a gradual stiffness-toughness ratio:
Zylar 245 boasts high clarity, good scratch resistance and excellent stiffness for applications requiring practical toughness
Zylar 765 combines clarity and high impact resistance for applications that call for greater material strength

Portfolio enables a diverse range of innovative applications:
With resistance to alcohol, washing and cleaning agents, Zylar is an ideal material for a wide range of applications. Given its unique properties, Zylar offers material solutions for household applications, such as vacuum cleaner parts, shower heads, garment hangers and transparent refrigerator components, as well as sports and leisure applications including display screens on treadmills and exercise equipment. The products are also employed in the healthcare industry for housing filters and infusion connectors and are ideal for packaging products such as storage containers and canisters for cleaning solutions. Additionally, a majority of the portfolio is FDA approved for food contact, has received drinking water approval and has passed biocompatible testing – making it a safe solution for a range of applications across industries.

Unique properties offer customers aesthetic options and resource efficiencies:
Given its brilliant transparency and low haze, Zylar products can be colored to empower customers to bring their applications to life without sacrificing strength. Additionally, boasting high flowability, Zylar can fill complex molds in shorter cycling times, which leads to optimized energy efficiencies during production. With a lower density compared to alternative materials, the Zylar portfolio offers additional cost savings as customers can obtain more product for each Euro spent.

Offering greater supply security globally:
Styrolution is committed to providing customers supply options for both specialty and standard products from at least two sites. The launch of these new grades, as well as the upcoming inauguration of the Ludwigshafen plant, further empowers Styrolution to serve the material needs of EMEA and global customers as Zylar 650 and Zylar 960 can be produced at Styrolution's sites located in both Germany and the United States.

Advancement of Styrolution's ‘Triple Shift' strategy:
The development of Zylar 650, Zylar 245 and Zylar 765 is further evidence of Styrolution's successful progress towards its "Triple Shift" strategy, which calls for the bolstering of the company's market position in styrenic specialties and ABS Standard, a focus on higher growth industries and the expansion of Styrolution's global footprint in emerging markets. The Triple Shift strategy is not only aimed at solidifying Styrolution's position as the global market leader but also empowers customers to achieve greater innovation in application development through Styrolution's robust global portfolio of specialty styrenics.


Mark Beitz, Vice President, Business Management Styrenic Specialties EMEA, Styrolution:
"For nearly two decades, Zylar has emerged as the benchmark in transparent specialties. As a critical and instrumental material, Zylar enables a variety of applications that require tailored impact resistance coupled with stunning transparency. The development of the new Zylar grades, including Zylar 245, Zylar 765 and Zylar 650, as well as forthcoming innovations in the portfolio, reinforce Styrolution's commitment to transparent specialty materials and further brings to fruition our commitment to supplying customers with the materials necessary to innovate in and lead their respective industries."

Marcela Villegas, Director, Product Management Transparent Specialties EMEA, Styrolution:
"Understanding the material needs of customers in EMEA and globally, over the last two years we have harnessed our strong and proven competencies in Styrolux and NAS to create a portfolio that marries brilliant aesthetics with customizable toughness. We continue to innovate within this important portfolio of products and are committed to offering our customers not only competitively-priced premium materials but also supply security and availability through our sites in Germany and the United States."