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Driving styrenic innovation offering high aesthetic appeal and quality for the automotive industry


Shanghai, China

  • Global styrenics leader showcases comprehensive solutions for automotive applications at Chinaplas 2014
  • Volkswagen selects Luran S  and Novodur H702 for the Golf
  • Jaguar Land Rover selects Luran HH120 SPF50 for the Range Rover Evoque
  • Product innovations featured at Chinaplas include: front grills; high gloss unpainted exterior  pillars; Terblend N materials for interior trims and center consoles

April 24, 2014 – Shanghai, China – Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, showcases how its materials and collaborative approach to innovation help automotive manufacturers and designers bring to life the latest automotive design trends at Chinaplas 2014, the premiere international trade fair for plastics and rubber taking place in Shanghai, China.

Styrenic polymers have become a material of choice for interior and exterior car applications. As a high-value alternative to other standard materials, innovative styrenics provide high performance solutions at reduced weight and lower costs. Whether incorporated into front grills, mirrors, instrument panels, exterior panels or rear lights, automotive applications based on styrenics are setting unprecedented standards in design, safety and environmental performance. Styrolution is the leading styrenics supplier to the automotive industry, offering material grades that effectively marry the best of automotive form and function by combining high-end surface aesthetics with low density and superior durability at an affordable price.

Key points:

  • Styrolution dedicates significant resources to the research and development of automotive solutions that address the industry's needs of today and tomorrow, including applications that meet new performance and surface aesthetic requirements related to scratch resistance, UV stability, and light weighting.

Customer applications featured at Chinaplas 2014

  • Styrolution works with Nantong Guandong Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd to develop B-pillar application for Skoda Superb: Nantong Guandong Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd manufactures A-, B- and C-pillars for the Skoda Superb in China. It recently started using Styrolution's Luran HH 120 for the serial production of the B-pillar cladding of this vehicle. In comparison with other polymers, the Styrolution grade offers a very high heat deflection temperature with a Vicat value (softening temperature) of 120°C [248°F]. The high transparency and the gloss of this material also allow it to be dyed in what is called piano black, producing a glossy, rich, jet-black color.
  • Jaguar Land Rover selects Luran HH120 SPF50 for the Range Rover Evoque: In its effort to create a more efficient Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover turned to Styrolution for its specialty grade Luran HH120 SPF50 to create the A, B, C and D exterior posts for the Range Rover Evoque. With its easy flow and low material density, the Luran grade has opened up a wider processing window resulting in a reduction in part weight and reduced scrap rates. It also offers a beautifully rich, high gloss, piano black finish without the need for paint.
    Meeting rigorous end user performance criteria, Luran HH 120 SPF50 created a preferred alternative to other polymers used extensively for external piano black applications until now. The innovative, lightweight gloss black detailing is a contributing factor to the stylish appearance of the Evoque luxury crossover SUV.
  • Volkswagen selects Luran S and Novodur for the Golf: Automakers like Volkswagen (VW) are seeking to use lightweight, cost-efficient plastics that offer benefits such as high impact resistance and dimensional stability while not compromising aesthetics, durability or performance. Understanding the industry's needs, Styrolution materials like Luran S 778T and Novodur H702 offer a number of exceptional properties including excellent chemical resistance and high surface quality. In addition, Styrolution has achieved major improvements in color fastness and surface quality for pre-colored exterior applications. The SPF30 package for Luran S provides enhanced UV-stability to ensure that gloss and color are retained for considerably longer periods with significantly less graying, yellowing or discoloration when the surface is exposed to sunlight.

Product highlights featured at Chinaplas

  • Luran HH 120 and the SPF50 UV package: Characterized by lightweight, lower density, and high resistance to heat, UV, chemicals and scratching, Luran HH is a high heat material, pre-colored in piano black for external high gloss decorative parts that requires no painting. It is the first ever blend based on styrene acrylonitrile copolymers (SAN) to be used on a large scale in the automotive industry. The ‘piano black' version of the HH SAN delivers even more on the high-gloss and the jet black tone required by OEMs for interior and exterior automotive parts. This material innovation is achieved by combining a specially formulated pigment with the intrinsically transparent material in order to achieve a stunningly deep hue and multi-dimensional appearance, all without painting. The recent use of Luran HH 120 piano black by luxury manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, implemented with the UV package SPF50, highlights this product's exceptional future potential.
  • Luran S 778T:  This material is an acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) copolymer and part of Styrolution's Luran S product line. It offers a wide range of exceptional properties including excellent chemical resistance, high surface quality and major improvements to color fastness and surface quality for pre-colored exterior applications.
  • Novodur HH106 and Novodur H801 for door panels and rear view mirrors: Novodur HH106 and Novodur H801 are high heat (HH) injection molding grade products which offer a modified ABS that meets stringent stability requirements for thermally stressed components. The easily coated resins provide proven reliability for consistent, top-quality performance. Novodur HH is the material of choice for numerous heat-resistant applications, especially exterior automotive parts. In addition to Volkswagen, the Novodur HH material is used by Audi and Nissan Skyline for their glove box and rear lamp housings.
  • Terblend N NM-19 or Terblend N NM 21EF for switches:  An ABS/PA blend with excellent impact toughness, good flowability and UV-stabilization, Terblend N combines impact strength and chemical resistance with high melt flow and acoustic dampening. It is especially suitable for customers looking for a matte surface finish that does not require painting, and is therefore a cost-effective solution for automotive interiors. In addition to Volkswagen, the Terblend N material can also be found in the interior trim and center consoles of Buick, Renault and Porsche in its new "easy flow" version - Terblend N NM 21EF.

Key quotes:

Pierre Juan, Global Vice President Automotive, Styrolution: "Automakers in China and across Asia are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition through design innovation and improvements to performance. Chinaplas presents an ideal opportunity for these companies to experience firsthand the latest in material trends that will end up shaping the cars of tomorrow. As a global company with deep automotive industry expertise, Styrolution is ideally positioned to work in partnership with these companies to deliver automotive solutions offering premium aesthetics and performance at an affordable price."