Luran® S Service Package (EMEA)


Frankfurt, Germany

In this webinar we introduce you to our new “Luran® S Service Package”. This package includes our premium coloured ASA solutions for outdoor challenges with increased weather stability requirements.

Today, rising temperatures and strong sun exposure require polymers in outdoor applications that can withstand such extreme conditions and provide outdoor applications with adequate durability.

Our Luran® S product line offers a good basic weather resistance and shiny/ glossy aesthetics. Combined with special colour formulations this results in high-quality colour formulations that can withstand artificial weathering, simulating 5 years of outdoor weathering, with limited colour variation.

Experts featuring this session

Peter Rath, Director Sales Construction, Compounding & Others, Business Management Specialties

Volker Pieper, Business Development Manager Construction, Compounding & Others

Andreas Kolf, Technical Account Manager Construction, Compounding & Others