K-Resin® – From traditional to new applications (Asia-Pacific)



In this webinar we introduce you to our “K-Resin® – From traditional to new applications“. K-Resin, a crystal-clear thermoplastic styrene butadiene copolymers (SBC) is known for its unique blend of sparkling clarity, impact toughness, stiffness and exceptional gloss. It is used in various applications ranging from packaging and toys to medical components and displays for more than 40 years.

Some of the new applications we will talk about include our new KR21 grade; permeable film and sealant applications.

Webinar recording on YouTube

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Experts featured in the respective sessions:


Jary Liao, Business Director, Business Management, Transparent Specialties

Euisuk Jung, Technical Product Manager, Transparent Specialties

Henry Wong, Product Manager, Business Management, Transparent Specialties