Mechanically recycled Polystyrene (EMEA)



We at INEOS Styrolution have closed the loop for you. Our game-changing technologies enable us to provide you with post-consumer recycled or bio-attributed high-performance styrenics in industrial quantities.

We have combined recycling with the unique, high-performing properties of styrenics in an innovative way to offer a new brand: INEOS Styrolution ECO.

This webinar will bring you up to speed on INEOS Styrolution’s roadmap, with a special focus on our Styrolution® PS ECO grades based on post-consumer recycled material from household packaging waste. Thanks to our super-clean recycling technology, we can pave the way for a used yoghurt cup to be recycled back into material for a new yoghurt cup or other food contact applications.

With this technology we contribute to the circular economy and what’s more, mechanically-recycled Styrolution® PS ECO materials deliver an important product carbon footprint reduction.

INEOS Styrolution has an answer to your sustainability targets with our ECO product grades.


Experts featuring this session:

Yvonne van Veen, Head of New Business Solutions and Head of Advocacy EMEA

Stefanie Kohler, Technology Manager Circularity

Louie Mackee, Standard Business Project Specialist, Product Management EMEA