Terluran® ECO: The Best Recycled ABS in the World! (Americas)



We at INEOS Styrolution have closed the loop for you. Our game changing technologies enable us to provide you with post-consumer recycled or bio-attributed high-performance styrenics in industrial quantities.

We have combined recycling with the unique, high-performing properties of styrenics in an innovative way to offer a new brand: INEOS Styrolution ECO.

In this webinar we will introduce Terluran® ECO, one pillar of INEOS Styrolution’s contribution to sustainability and a truly circular economy. Based on mechanical recycling, Terluran ECO uses cleaned waste from post-consumer recycled material from which contaminants are removed. The material is reduced in size (shredded), washed, sorted, re-compounded and pelletised.

Thanks to INEOS Styrolution’s experience, technology and capabilities, ABS from mechanical recycling can be offered in a truly outstanding quality, matching the properties and performance of standard-based ABS: No “downcycling”!


Experts featured in the respective sessions:


Elena Zhao – Product Manager, ABS

Abhi Sankar – Market Development Manager, ABS

Cliff Pettey – Market Development Manager, ABS