Terluran® ECO: The Best Recycled ABS in the World! (Asia Pacific)



We at INEOS Styrolution have closed the loop for you. Our game changing technologies enable us to provide you with post-consumer recycled or bio-attributed high-performance styrenics in industrial quantities.

We have combined recycling with the unique, high-performing properties of styrenics in an innovative way to offer a new brand: INEOS Styrolution ECO.

In this webinar we will introduce Terluran® ECO, one pillar of INEOS Styrolution’s contribution to sustainability and a truly circular economy. Based on mechanical recycling, Terluran ECO uses cleaned waste from post-consumer recycled material from which contaminants are removed. The material is reduced in size (shredded), washed, sorted, re-compounded and pelletised.

Thanks to INEOS Styrolution’s experience, technology and capabilities, ABS from mechanical recycling can be offered in a truly outstanding quality, matching the properties and performance of standard-based ABS: No “downcycling”!

This webinar was conducted in Chinese, English and Korean.



Kenji Komaki, Key Account Manager, Styrolution Japan Branch

Kilkyung Baek, Technical Product Manager, ABS APAC

Caroline Yang, Business Director, ABS Standard APAC



Johnson Lin, Research Development Centre & Technical Service Director APAC

Lyman Lai, North & East China Sales Lead, Standard Polymers

Caroline Yang, Business Director, ABS Standard APAC



Kilkyung Baek, Technical Product Manager, ABS APAC

Kiok Bang, Korea Sales Lead, Standard Polymers

YoungKwon Jin, Commercial Product Manager, Ulsan PS, APAC