Responsible Products

We strive to provide sustainable solutions to our customers and end-consumers by taking a responsible approach to our product portfolio across the entire value chain.

Our approach

As the global market leader in styrenics, we take a responsible approach to our product portfolio looking at the entire value chain – from procurement, development and production towards transport and sales, and from integration into customer processes to intended use. Together with customers and the scientific community, we engage in collaborative innovation of cutting-edge sustainable products. By driving product stewardship and quality management, we ensure compliance with product regulations and deliver safe, best-quality and high-performance products to our customers. Together with associations and our business partners, we are striving to achieve high and well-acknowledged sustainability standards in the styrenics industry.

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Our performance


In 2017, we actively worked on circular solutions for polystyrene through depolymerisation projects.



In order to demonstrate our commitment to provide improved sustainable solutions for our customers,  we started to define clear global sustainability targets in 2014. These targets are aligned with our material topics and underscore our commitment for continuous improvement.

For product sustainability, we aimed to bring our sustainability quota for all research and development projects – be it global R&D or regional development centre projects – to above 90%. A comprehensive analysis of all global R&D and regional development projects in our innovation pipeline undertaken in 2017 shows that our Global R&D/ Intellectual Property unit, which drives fundamental, mid-to-long-term oriented developments, maintained its high level of more than 90% of projects having a positive sustainability impact. Regional development projects achieved above 80%, hence, on average all our R&D projects worldwide have a positive sustainability rating of 90%. This is the highest ever achieved within the company to date.

We are also working on a proof of concept for promising depolymerisation technologies for polystyrene by 2019, through our close collaborations with leading research institutes and partners along the value chain.

In 2017, we received a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for a research project on recycling polystyrene post-consumer waste. We also entered into partnerships with Agilyx, an environmental technology and development company, and Pyrowave, a recycling technology provider, to develop polystyrene recycling solutions in North America.


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