News Release

INEOS Styrolution highlights high-performance solutions for automotive industry at K 2016


Frankfurt, Germany

  • A new Novodur® Ultra grade is launched with high heat resistance, low temperature ductility and enhanced flowability
  • An optimized laserweldable Novodur® offers improved adhesion to other materials for high aesthetic requirements
  • Innovative thermoplastic composite StyLight* combines exceptional light weight with stiffness, aesthetics, processability and stability
  • Thanks to outstanding aesthetics and dimensional stability, styrenics-based materials are being used more than ever in automotive design parts

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will highlight its new Novodur® Ultra, an optimized laserweldable Novodur® and its innovative composite StyLight* at K 2016, 19 - 26 October, Düsseldorf. With unique properties that open up new design opportunities for vehicles, styrenics are fulfilling a growing demand in the automotive industry for materials that offer better aesthetics and dimensional stability.

One of the most interesting innovations the company has released this year is an enhancement to its established portfolio of materials suitable for interior applications. The new Novodur® Ultra grade features high impact strength at room temperature as well as at low temperature, 100 % ductility at -30 °C, high heat resistance and best-in-class flowability.

Christophe Ginss, Automotive Sales Director EMEA at INEOS Styrolution, sees great potential for interior applications: “We expect the new Novodur® Ultra to become a material of choice for car interiors, especially for applications like door panels, lower seat trims, center and overhead consoles or glove box doors and frames.”

Also for exterior applications like rear light housings INEOS Styrolution developed together with a major supplier an optimized laserweldable Novodur® giving high adhesion quality to other materials like PMMA. Furthermore, INEOS Styrolution is working together with a laser machine producer to improve adhesion properties on other grades. As design and aesthetics become more and more decisive for new car models, Original Equipment Manufacturers are striving for a perfect surface when it comes to gluing two different materials. This optimized Novodur® can also permit a reduction in production costs.

Another trend in the automotive industry is the high demand for lightweight parts, without compromising on aesthetics, safety and performance. To meet this need, INEOS Styrolution will introduce its innovative thermoplastic composite StyLight* at K 2016.

Properties such as its light weight, coupled with structural and dimensional stiffness and impact strength, make StyLight* an ideal solution for automotive applications. StyLight* production processes ensure highest quality and low cycle times, as complex parts can be produced in a hybrid production process: The thermoplastic composite sheets made from StyLight* can be thermoformed, back-injection-molded and decorated in just one processing step. At the same time, the lower shrinkage during the consolidation step of the styrenic copolymer matrix, based on a modified SAN, reduces the surface roughness or “waviness” significantly, and offers a superior surface quality. Possible applications include body panels, brake pedals, electronic device carriers, gear sticks, instrument panels, spoilers and sun roofs. Due to its innovative nature, the composite StyLight* also lends itself to R&D collaboration in completely new directions.

From fuel efficiency to aesthetics and pricing, consumer expectations and regulations are driving the need for innovation in the automotive industry. Consequently, manufacturers are on the look out for alternative high-performance materials and flexible ways to approach the redesign of applications. This explains why styrenics-based materials, such as ABS, ASA, and their PA blends, are becoming popular again amongst automotive designers. The balanced performance of styrenics delivers high surface quality at low cost. Other unique properties include excellent weathering, unpainted solutions and good processability. Styrenics also make secondary operations such as hot stamping, gluing, in-mold decorating, welding, painting and electroplating easy and affordable. INEOS Styrolution offers solutions to the automotive industry in three main product groups: Novodur® (ABS), Terblend® N/S (ABS/PA and ASA/PA), Luran® S/SC (ASA and ASA/PC) and Luran® (AMSAN).

Already today, INEOS Styrolution provides customers with the broadest styrenic specialty product portfolio in the industry.

The automotive interior applications of styrenics include:

  • Instrument panel components, with high impact resistance, high surface quality aesthetics, outstanding acoustic properties and high dimensional stability
  • Center consoles adaptable to specific requirements, such as high heat, high impact and high-level aesthetics
  • Interior trims with high quality, low emissions, and high heat/UV resistance
  • Loudspeaker grills with customer-specific coloring, high impact strength and good acoustic dampening
  • Lower door panels with high heat resistance, impact resistance, low emissions and dimensional stability
  • Plated interior trims with high heat and high impact resistance

Exterior applications include:

  • Front grills, offering the best combination of color retention, excellent UV and high impact resistance
  • Rear-view mirrors featuring superior UV-stability for unpainted mirror components as well as excellent paint adhesion for painted mirror housings
  • Rear lights with the highest heat-resistant ABS on the market and a high surface quality
  • Exterior trim and body panels offering a broad range of exterior mounted or attached applications whether painted, unpainted, for matte or glossy surfaces, or electroplated
  • Bumper brackets with high impact resistance and overall toughness, allowing easy assembling


*Trademark application pending