News Release

INEOS Styrolution showcases low-emission and drinking water compliant specialty styrenics at K 2016


Frankfurt, Germany


  • New low-emission Styroflex® reduces noise and has excellent VOC values
  • Novodur® SBM-90 approved for direct contact with drinking water
  • Specialty styrenics as material of choice for toughness, processing and design in terms of transparency

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present specialty styrenic highlights at K 2016 in Düsseldorf, the major trade fair for plastics and rubber: The new low-emission Styroflex® achieves great VOC results. Novodur® SBM-90 has been approved for direct contact with drinking water and can be used as a drop-in solution for running ABS systems.

This year, INEOS Styrolution is releasing a new, low-emission Styroflex®. It is particularly suitable for reducing noise and shows excellent VOC values achieving better results than other materials on the market. Styrene-butadiene block-copolymers are produced through an anionic polymerization process with very low residual monomer content, making them a good fit for complex, high-quality flooring solutions. The new low emission Styroflex® like all of our Styroflex® grades is characterized by a combination of excellent thermostability, high resilience and toughness, flexibility and process stability. In addition, our Styroflex® grades offer a good printability and good adhesion to many different polymers.

INEOS Styrolution will present yet another product highlight at the company’s booth at K 2016. Novodur® SBM-90 was developed in order to meet the tightened standards of the European drinking water regulations. The new material was designed as a drop-in solution for running ABS systems with demanding regulatory requirements, such as shower heads and other water-bearing applications. Depending on customer demands, Novodur® SBM-90 can be purchased as uncolored resin or in a variety of precolored versions. By applying Novodur® SBM-90, the use of cost-intensive pipes or hoses for applications in direct contact with drinking water will become obsolete. This results in significant advantages in cost efficiency and design freedom.

Peter Rath, Director Sales Construction, Distribution, Compounding & Others at INEOS Styrolution, notes: “Also in the construction industry, tightening regulations, the strive for more effective insulation systems and a more sustainable management of resources are driving demand for new materials compromising enhanced endurance, greater affordability, increased choice and better color retention for individual applications. We are proud to say that we can live up to that demand by offering our customers best-in-class styrenic solutions.”

In addition, rising income levels and migration trends back into the cities have generated new customers and greater demand for customization. Performance has become a keyword for end- product manufacturers looking for highlight innovation and regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, the value chain is reaching unprecedented levels of complexity worldwide. Currently, for everything from aesthetics and haptics to the bottom line, the only fixed point is change itself.

With excellent aesthetics and true color consistency, styrenics are highly attractive to designers and manufacturers. Their favorable processing characteristics make changes in design or low volume production simpler and more cost effective. As a result, the construction sector is using styrenics for an ever-growing number of applications.

These applications include:

  • Decking / Deck boards
  • Fencing / Railing
  • Roofing / Roof tiles
  • Exterior siding / Cladding
  • Exterior trim
  • Storm doors
  • Door panels & door lites
  • Windows & window profiles
  • Solar-panel supports & housings
  • Decoration sheets
  • Sanitary applications such as shower heads and mixing taps
  • Inner structure

INEOS Styrolution’s latest application examples include:

  • Nora® flooring – made with Styrolux® 3G55
  • Hansgrohe shower head – made with Novodur® P2MC
  • Gardena garden scissor housing – made with Zylar® 650 UV
  • Gardena lawn mower – made with Luran® S 757G
  • Playmobil ice dragon – made with Zylar® 550