News Release

INEOS Styrolution shows bright white for electronic goods at K 2016


Frankfurt, Germany


  • Terluran® Standard White ABS raises the bar for polymers in electronics
  • Fine-tuning of the color is completed by the customer on-site
  • Rigid and transparent NAS® ideal for office equipment solutions
  • Styrenic polymers found in virtually every electronic product

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, developed a new Terluran® Standard White ABS with bright intrinsic color and self-coloring suitability. With its features, it is raising the bar for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymers within the electronics sector. The product will be presented together with the rigid and transparent INEOS Styrolution NAS® specialty grade at K 2016 in October.

INEOS Styrolution offers its newly developed product Terluran® Standard White ABS to the electronics industry. The new grade comes in a bright and consistent intrinsic color, and is therefore ideally suited for self-coloring, particularly when there is a need for brilliant colors.

The customer can complete the fine-tuning of the color on-site by adding small amounts of a liquid or solid tuning batch directly into the injection-molding machine of the converter. This customized process offers highly consistent color quality and freedom of design for the customer. Color fluctuations and costs are reduced at the same time. Moreover, various additives, such as UV stabilizers, can be added seamlessly requiring no additional compounding. For these reasons Terluran® Standard White ABS is especially suited for customers producing large quantities allowing customized, bright and stable coloring in a cost- efficient production process.

Artur Sokolowski, Director Sales Electronics and Household EMEA at INEOS Styrolution notes, “Understanding the material and business needs of our customers and their products, INEOS Styrolution now offers a new high quality product with consistent intrinsic color, enabling a customized and cost-efficient production process for our customers. The self-coloring suitability gives maximum freedom of design to the customer while enabling cost efficiency.”

The INEOS Styrolution specialty grade NAS® serves as the solution for office equipment, especially applications where transparency and rigidity are required such as scanner glasses, front covers for TV’s and monitor applications. The material represents a cost-effective solution with easy processability, excellent surface appearance, colorfastness and sparkling clarity for customers in the electronics sector.

The electronics industry remains exciting and fast-moving due to consumers’ increasing wealth and desire for cutting-edge technology. Connectivity and convergence coupled with regulations, however, have made the value chain even more complex, so manufacturers are seeking reliable solutions to help them create products with lower weight and costs as well as higher thermal endurance and energy efficiency, not to mention top aesthetics.

The balanced performance of the properties of styrenics such as excellent aesthetics, high color consistency and lower density make them attractive to designers and manufacturers at every level. Their superior processing abilities also make changes in design or lower volume production simpler and more cost-effective. This makes styrenics one of the world’s most important thermoplastics.