News Release

Innovative solutions and ideal materials for healthcare presented by INEOS Styrolution at K 2016


Frankfurt, Germany


  • Styrolux® offers outstanding properties for medical applications
  • Novodur® development grade is characterized by improved chemical resistance against hospital cleaners
  • Styrenics provide an unsurpassed ratio of high performance and technical advantages

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its product highlights Styrolux® and the Novodur® development grade at K 2016 in October. Styrolux® shows very high transparency allowing for an extremely wide range of applications in healthcare. Furthermore, the chemical resistance against hospital cleaners of Novodur® ABS has been highly improved.

INEOS Styrolution’s Styrolux® SBC is, due to its properties like outstanding transparency, good toughness and stiffness balance the material of choice for many healthcare producers.

Moreover, the material is regulatory compliant. Styrolux® applications in the healthcare sector range from IV bags to drip chambers, lab-ware and drainage containers.

Pieter Bekaert, Head of Healthcare EMEA at INEOS Styrolution notes other important qualities this application offers: “Styrolux® materials are extremely resistant to gamma or electron beam irradiation sterilization methods that often cause side effects to products such as significant temporary color change and physical-mechanical property loss.”

Sterilization of medical tools and devices is an absolutely essential process that is required for many medical procedures to prevent infections and contamination. Medical parts made from selected styrenics can be applied to common sterilization methods, like gamma-radiation, E- beam, NO2, or EtO sterilization. INEOS Styrolution currently achieved to highly enhance the chemical resistance of Novodur® ABS against hospital cleaners used in a medical environment. Thus the environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) could be improved when exhibited to isopropanol or state of the art cleaners and disinfectants (Melsept SF and Hexaquart Forte).

Styrenics are particularly attractive to healthcare solution providers for their unsurpassed ratio of high performance and cost-effectiveness. They offer a wide range of applications including infusion sets, dry powder inhalers (DPI), or injection pens and meet the highest quality standards. They can be opaque (e.g. ABS, natural or pre-colored) or highly transparent materials (e.g. MABS, SMMA, SBC), and offer strength and resistance, as well as easy processability. INEOS Styrolution’s SBC is proving to be a beneficial resin for the healthcare industry due to its outstanding properties like excellent transparency, high-impact strength and good flowability.

Looking to the future, INEOS Styrolution is developing technical advantages like improved bonding performance while maintaining excellent processability and mechanical property profile. Other research focuses on antimicrobial surface solutions that minimize the risk of potential nucleation.

Based on a deep understanding of the medical industry, its applications, value chains and regulatory requirements, INEOS Styrolution has a proven track record developing innovative uses and applications tailored to customers’ unique requirements. Customers can choose from a range of healthcare service packages like:

Full Service HD Package (Risk Class 1 & 2)

  • Up to 36 months NOC (Notification of Change), with signed long term supply contract
  • Locked formulations as defined in the drug master file (DMF)
  • Enhanced quality control processes
  • Food contact statements, USP class VI, ISO 10993, DMF
  • Security of supply, long-term and global availability
  • Increased technical support (color & application development, design support etc.)

Essential HD Package (Risk Class 1 & 2)

  • Up to 12 months NOC, with signed long-term supply contract
  • Food contact statements, USP Class VI, ISO 10993, DMF

Standard Food Contact Package (Risk Class 1)

  • FDA and EU food contact statements available

From product development to technical innovation to meeting worldwide regulatory requirements, these packages help customers develop customized solutions for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

These applications include:

  • IV Systems & Fluid Delivery
  • Labware
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Respiratory & Drug Delivery
  • Mobile & Digital Health
  • Medical Packaging