News Release

INEOS Styrolution presents light weighting solutions and applications with demanding surfaces at the VDI 2016


Frankfurt, Germany


  • Innovations featured include a new Novodur® Ultra grade with an outstanding combination of high heat, flowability and ductile behavior at -30 °C
  • Presentation of different material solutions at VDI conference
  • INEOS Styrolution will be located at booth 83b

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will exhibit at the annual international VDI conference “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” in Mannheim, Germany, March, 9-10. At the conference, INEOS Styrolution will present material solutions that help customers to face the complex industry and material challenges of today and the future.

As a high-value alternative, styrenic polymers become an appropriate and trusted material solution for the automotive industry. Whether inside of the car in the form of door panels or different kind of trims, or outside like front grills, frames, and rear lamp housings, automotive applications based on styrenics are setting new benchmarks in terms of aesthetics and design as well as resistance and durability performance.

“Many of our customers, designers or OEMs, are looking for innovative material alternatives that address particular expectations. In collaboration with our customers we are identifying concrete solutions to the individual customer’s specific demands and requirements. We want to inspire them to consider the versatility and endless possibilities of styrenics. Keywords like weight-reduction, cost savings, and aesthetics are thereby present more than ever, because emission reduction due to light weighting design becomes more and more important when seeking the material of choice”, said Christophe Ginss, Sales Director Automotive EMEA.

INEOS Styrolution, as a trusted global supplier with a large portfolio and broad industry expertise, helps to balance optics, function and costs across a wide range of automotive applications and regional demands. Customers are provided with the broadest styrenic specialty product portfolio in the industry, backed by the resources of INEOS Styrolution’s R&D. INEOS Styrolution’s R&D department is constantly exploring the new possibilities of lower cost alternatives for painted plastic parts in a constant effort to improve the feel and visual appearance of all surfaces, with a unique emphasis on light, stable and pre-colored materials for interior and exterior applications. “It is our goal to work hand-in-hand with our customers to help them gain a competitive advantage with our product – offering best-in-class service and specific solutions to their problems”, explains Pierre Juan, Vice President Global Automotive. Visitors can experience the following applications during the VDI 2016 at the INEOS Styrolution booth:

  • Customer applications featured at the international VDI congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering”:

- As a highlight, INEOS Styrolution will introduce a new Novodur Ultra grade with an outstanding combination of high heat resistance and ductile behavior at -30 °C. Simultaneously, the grade has excellent flowability, which leads to simple processing. This new material can be used in door panels, center consoles, and glove box doors as well as in frames or other interior trims.

- A leading German car manufacturer selected Novodur H701 for the development of its door panel due to a combination of heat resistance, impact resistance, low emission and dimension stability.

- Another leading German car manufacturer used Novodur HH-112 for its upper door trim panel. This high heat Novodur grade provides extraordinary heat resistance combined with enhanced stiffness. The special feature of this upper door trim is the use of a foaming technology to reduce weight by keeping excellent mechanical properties. Covered by a PUR foam, it gives a very good combination of soft touch and the mechanical properties.

- INEOS Styrolution’s Luran® S and Novodur were deployed in the Peugeot 208 front grills. The Luran S 778T has an excellent UV stability and adhesion to film decoration by hot stamping processes. For the frames, Novodur P2MC was chosen, because it is known as a premium grade and market reference for plated applications due to its suitability for electroplating and its high flowability.

- Another grade which is suitable for interior plated trims is Novodur Ultra 4140PG, which is a premium styrenic blend designed specifically for electroplated applications. It provides a high heat and high impact resistance and is therefore the material of choice for qualitative and decorative interior parts.

- Besides numerous different interior applications, INEOS Styrolution also offers solutions for exterior applications like rear lamp housings. For this purpose, a special laser-weldable Novodur HH-112 in black color has been developed together with a world leading rear lamp housing producer.

- In the two-wheeler industry Novodur P2M-AT was applied for the painted tank covers in motor bikes of a popular Japanese manufacturer. Special properties of this Novodur grade are good paintability and flowability as well as high impact resistance, which remain also after painting.

WHEN: March 9 and 10, 2016
WHERE: Booth 83b