News Release

LURAN S AND NOVODUR for Renault Trafic rear light


Frankfurt, Germany


  • Novodur HH-112 for rear lamp housings in automobiles
  • Luran S 778T for unpainted automotive exterior parts
  • Collaboration between INEOS Styrolution and tiers result in tailor-made rear lighting function for the Renault Trafic

In search of a material that does not compromise on performance, durability or aesthetics, two multinational automotive equipment suppliers, partnered with INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, and identified Novodur HH-112 and Luran S 778T SPF30 as the materials of choice for the Renault Trafic rear light. Novodur High Heat (HH), which has become a trusted staple in automotive exterior applications, was selected for the rear lamp housing due to its high heat resistance combined with excellent stiffness. For the rear lamp surrounding Luran S 778T SPF30 is employed for its enhanced UV protection and proven performance in former models.

Key points:

  • Materials of choice for processing, design and age resistance:
    • Novodur HH-112, INEOS Styrolution’s High Heat acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), has a track record of more than ten years in terms of performance andprocessability for rear lamp and housing applications. The applied α-Methylstyrene-(AMSAN)-heat modification contributes to bezels that fulfill OEMrequirements in terms of toughness and very high heat resistance. Novodur HH-112 also offers great performance in metallization and welding processes

    • Luran S, INEOS Styrolution’s styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (ASA), has a legacy of proven performance and use in the automotive industry for exterior unpainted applications, such as front grilles, bumper grilles, fog lamps and rear lamp surroundings, rear mirrors, roof tracks, rood spoilers and side pillars. In addition to toughness and impact resistance, this particular Luran S 778T SPF30 has been developed in order to extend the retention of the visual aesthetic and functional properties such as impact and heat performance.

    • A versatile and universal solution: As trusted material solutions with excellent property retention and processability, Novodur HH and Luran S are currently used for rear lamp housings of various models from top global automobile brands.

    • Long-term relationship in innovation: INEOS Styrolution has served as a long-term supplier to automotive component tiers. Through this collaborative relationship, other INEOS Styrolution materials have been employed for various automotive applications including Luran SC (ASA/PC) and Luran HH120 (HHSAN).


Christophe Ginss, Sales Director Automotive EMEA: “Customers in the automotive industry continue to seek out unique characteristics and innovative potential of styrenic specialty materials. As such, we are excited to leverage our industry expertise with the parts suppliers to offer them greater options and access to the innovative technology and potential that are intrinsic to our material solutions. INEOS Styrolution is pleased to contribute to the success of the Renault Trafic which was launched on the market in early 2015.”