News Release

Luran SC sets the standard for automotive bumper brackets


Frankfurt, Germany

  • Rehau selects Luran SC to optimize bumper brackets in automobiles
  • Collaboration between INEOS Styrolution and Rehau result in bumper brackets that improve safety and enhance design
  • INEOS Styrolution continues to advance application innovation in the automotive industry with Luran SC

Frankfurt, Germany
– July 7, 2015In search of a material solution to enhance the performance and functionality of automotive bumper brackets, Rehau, a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions, partnered with Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, and identified a grade of Luran® SC as the material of choice. Luran SC, which has become a trusted staple in automotive exterior applications, was selected due to its high impact resistance, overall toughness, UV stability and resistance to creep and heat. Given its successful application, the Luran SC bumper bracket from Rehau and INEOS Styrolution will be implemented as the standard material for several top automotive manufacturers.

Key points:

  • Material of choice for safety, design and age resistance. Luran SC, Styrolution’s styrenic polymer blend of ASA PC, has a legacy of proven performance and use in the automotive industry. In addition to toughness and impact resistance which improve safety, this particular Luran SC grade also offers UV and long-term heat stability. These characteristics are critical as the bumper bracket is used to secure the TPO fascia to the car body, requiring resistance to temperature, heat and moisture. Additionally, the UV resistance helps protect against UV light that may pass through the slit line between the car body and fascia – working to improve a car’s resistance to aging and the elements.


  • A versatile and universal solution. A trusted material with excellent property retention, Luran SC is currently used in the bumper brackets of top global automobile brands.


  • Long-term relationship in innovation: INEOS Styrolution has served as a long-term supplier to Rehau. Through this collaborative relationship, other INEOS Styrolution materials have been employed for various automotive applications including Luran S (ASA) and Novodur, Styrolution’s brand of specialty acrylonitrile butadiene styrene grades. The successful development of bumper brackets with Luran SC further strengthens the relationship between INEOS Styrolution and Rehau and highlights the immense potential of this material.


Pierre Juan, Vice President Global Automotive, Styrolution: “The automotive industry continues to turn to innovative styrenic materials to advance innovation and performance as it relates to safety and design. Through its unique combination of properties, Luran SC sets the standard for material excellence in automotive exteriors, empowering customers to realize a greater competitive advantage due to its toughness, versatility and property retention. We are honored to further our partnership with Rehau through the development of this automotive solution.”