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Styrolution showcases the built-in value of styrenics for the construction industry at NPE 2015


Aurora, IL, USA

  • New Luran HH 120 powder helps siding manufacturers improve heat deflection temperature
  • PVC compounders utilize new Luran S 797 Q530 powder to improve weathering and cost efficiencies for PVC blends
  • Luran S 777 ME enables extruded sheet manufacturers to produce high-gloss extrusion capstocks
  • Decking, fencing and railing manufacturers turn to Styrolution for improved capstock materials like Luran S 747R UV
  • Styrolution and its styrenics experts will be available at NPE, OCCC South Hall, Booth 12085

March 24, 2015 – Aurora, IL, USA – Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will illustrate the built-in value and performance of its Luran and Luran S product lines at NPE 2015, taking place this week in Orlando, Florida. In conjunction with the event, Styrolution will introduce new grades tailored to construction industry applications requiring high heat resistance, good extrusion processability, durable aesthetics and miscibility with other materials, such as PVC.  As the leading supplier of styrenics to the construction industry, Styrolution will share expert perspective on industry trends, as well as examples of how its collaborative innovation process has helped the industry realize new applications. Visitors can find Styrolution at NPE in the OCCC South Hall, Booth 12085.

Key points:

  • Styrolution offers enduring value built in for construction: Styrolution offers material grades that meet new durability and weathering requirements related to heat deflection temperatures (HDT), UV stability and color steadfastness. Styrolution works in collaborative innovation with customers to develop new solutions for building and construction applications, such as siding, decking, fencing, railings or gutters. In this way, Styrolution supports manufacturers to set industry standards in design, durability and environmental performance.
  • New Luran and Luran S grades: At NPE 2015, Styrolution is highlighting new grades aimed at enhancing the performance of building and construction applications: Luran HH-120 Q530: a powdered alpha methyl styrene acrylonitrile (AMSAN) grade offering improved heat deflection temperature in PVC compounds; Luran S 797 Q530: an acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) powder for  enhanced weathering resistance in PVC blends; Luran S 777 ME: an ASA grade for applications requiring a high-gloss appearance and good extrusion processability; Luran S 747 R UV:  ASA for excellent capstock coverage over foamed PVC cores  
  • Styrolution cooperates with siding manufacturers to improve HDT with Luran HH 120: As part of its participation at NPE, Styrolution will highlight Luran HH 120 Q530 as an ideal solution for siding, trim and fence applications.  Major manufacturers in North America have recently started using Styrolution's Luran HH 120 Q530 for heat management of panels produced in dark colors. In comparison with other polymers, this Styrolution grade offers a very high heat deflection temperature with a Vicat value (softening temperature) of 120°C [248°F]. The high miscibility of this material allows it to be easily blended into the PVC substrate of siding panels. This produces a substrate with improved transition temperature (Tg) and HDT properties, while also reducing the weight of the substrate.            
  • PVC compounders utilize Luran S 797 Q530 powder to improve weathering and cost efficiencies for PVC blends: To create more weatherable and cost-efficient products for building and construction applications, PVC compounders and material converters are turning to Styrolution for its specialty grade Luran S 797 Q530 to create new PVC blends with improved color and long-term property retention. Luran S 797 Q530 has been formulated for easy flow and enhanced miscibility with PVC, resulting in a product with low gloss and reduced weight.
  • Luran S 777 ME enables extruded sheet manufacturers to produce high-gloss extrusion capstocks: Extruded sheet manufacturers and profile producers require materials that offer benefits, such as durability, easier processing, high gloss and process compatibility, while not compromising aesthetics or performance. To fulfil these needs, Styrolution's Luran S 777 ME UV offers a number of exceptional properties, including high gloss (97 on 60° glossmeter), excellent chemical resistance, good surface appearance and the ability to use regrind in applications. The material is also well suited as a capstock that can be coextruded over materials like ABS or PVC.  In addition, Styrolution has achieved major improvements in color fastness and surface quality for colored exterior applications utilizing UV-stabilizers to enhance the inherent properties of Luran S.  This ensures that gloss and color are retained for considerably longer periods with significantly less graying, yellowing or discoloration when the surface is exposed to sunlight.
  • Decking, fencing and railing manufacturers turn to Styrolution for improved capstock materials like Luran S 747R UV: Characterized by its lightweight and lower density, as well as its high resistance to UV exposure, chemicals, and color fade, Luran S 747R UV is a superior alternative to standard PVC cap-stocks and other standard-flow ASA materials.  It is the first grade to be used on a large scale in decking applications, having the enhanced flow capabilities to evenly encapsulate PVC foamed core deck boards. This material innovation was formulated to achieve optimal processing as a co-extruded capstock over foamed PVC and achieves better throughput volumes than conventional capstock materials. The recent use of Luran S 747R UV as a cap-stock for decking highlights this product's exceptional processing characteristics for use in many building and construction applications which require exceptional flow capabilities.

Key quotes:

Thomas Hazenstab, Specialties Business Director, Styrolution:
"Our customers in the construction market are at the leading edge of innovation and are continually challenged to bring higher endurance, longer lasting, more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing products to the marketplace.  Styrolution prides itself on working very closely with customer partners to develop new products to meet their specific needs.  Material innovations like the new Luran and Luran S grades are a direct response to these new and more rigorous market requirements. As the global leader in styrenic material innovation, Styrolution is ideally positioned to offer customers high-performance styrenic solutions that lend building and construction products enduring value."