News Release

Unlocking the potential of transparent styrenics


Frankfurt, Germany

  • Global supply security and availability for transparent styrenics strengthened through further production locations in the United States and Germany
  • Styrolution launches new Zylar and Clearblend grades, offering innovative styrenic solutions across an array of industries
  • Measures reinforce Styrolution's leading position in styrenic specialties and advance the company's Triple Shift growth strategy

Frankfurt, Germany – September 30, 2014Today Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, unveiled enhancements to its transparent specialties production network and portfolio. Specifically, the company successfully started NAS production in its Decatur, Alabama site and will open a new NAS and Zylar plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which will begin production in early October. Delivering on plans Styrolution shared earlier this year, the launch of production at both of these existing sites bolster global supply security and local sourcing options for transparent specialty styrenics.

Styrolution also unveiled new grades in its Zylar and Clearblend product lines. The announcement of the new grades, Zylar 670 and Clearblend 155 further reinforces Styrolution's commitment to advancing its offering in transparent specialty styrenics. Both grades are the result of a new, proprietary impact-modifying technology, and offer customized strength that has been proven through exceptional performance in drop tests.

The powerful combination of transparency and unique strength make these grades ideal material solutions for applications across a wide range of industries.

Key points:

  • Strengthening global supply security and availability: The success of the Decatur, Alabama production site coupled with the upcoming inauguration of the new plant at Ludwigshafen, deliver on Styrolution's promise of providing customers supply options from at least two sites. Styrolution produces its styrenic specialities at several plants offering global customers not only local supply but support from dedicated service teams with expertise in customer industries, technical support, regulatory services and certifications. 

  • New and innovative transparent styrenic solutions: Both Zylar 670 and Clearblend 155 enhance their existing portfolios by offering a unique type of impact resistance. Performing exceptionally well in drop tests, these grades provide customers the strength needed for storage applications, such as small appliance fluid tanks and wet or dry food storage containers. Additionally, as these grades are ideal for food and water contact, as well as use in certain medical applications, they enable a diversity of possibilities. Through its process of collaborative innovation, Styrolution has developed these products together with customers from various industries.

    • Zylar 670 is available from Styrolution globally. This high-performance transparent specialty product is characterized by water clear transparency, high flowability, good chemical resistance and exceptional impact-resistance when dropped.

    • Clearblend 155 is an impact-modified, transparent styrene acrylic copolymer dry blend that offers customers a cost-effective material solution without significantly compromising performance.

  • Measures reinforce leading position in transparent specialties and advance Triple Shift growth strategy: The successful start of NAS production in Decatur, the opening of the new plant at Ludwigshafen and the launch of the new grades all reinforce Styrolution's continued global leadership in and dedication to innovation through specialty styrenic materials. The successful enhancement of these production locations and sought-after product portfolios are key steps in the advancement of Styrolution's Triple Shift strategy, which calls for a focus on styrenic specialties and Standard ABS, higher-growth industries, such as healthcare, household and electronics and growth in emerging markets. These developments also ensure that customers throughout the world and across all industries have access to the material solutions critical to the success of their applications.


Roberto Gualdoni, CEO, Styrolution: "Everyday our customers rely on our specialty material solutions to solve their product challenges and bring their applications to fruition. As such, it is essential that they have confidence in the supply security and availability of our transparent specialty product line. The success of our Decatur facility and the opening of our new plant in Ludwigshafen signify major milestones in Styrolution's global styrenics leadership and, more importantly, offer our customers the service and materials necessary for application innovation and success."

Marty Spatz, Business Director, Transparent Specialties, Americas Styrolution: "Transparent specialty materials continue to emerge as an innovative technology unlocking new potential through many key industries. With the launch of our new Zylar and Clearblend grades, we are further uncovering new possibilities where customers need transparency and toughness."

Marcela Villegas, Business Director, Transparent Specialties, EMEA Styrolution: "We are pleased to now offer regional supply of NAS and Zylar throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In fact, the new plant in Ludwigshafen makes Styrolution the largest producer of transparent styrenics in EMEA. Customers across the region will also benefit from local Styrolution experts, who in the spirit of collaborative innovation are dedicated to helping customers across a range of industries achieve their vision for application success with transparent styrenics."

Key products mentioned in this announcement:

  • NAS grades are Styrolution's transparent styrene methyl methacrylate copolymers (SMMA): These grades are used in a variety of applications demanding a strong, stiff, water-clear plastic resin with excellent thermal stability. Main benefits include: sparkling clarity, low density, high flowability and alcohol resistance. NAS grades are engineered to be compliant with food contact regulations and with pharmacopoeia and biocompatibility-tests at a global scale, such as USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 tests. They are, for example, used by the healthcare industry in insulin pens and automatic syringes; by household goods manufacturers in water filters and food storage containers; for electronics applications, like LED lenses and light guides; and in packaging for cosmetic jars.
  • Zylar grades are transparent methyl methacrylate butadiene styrene copolymers (MBS): Zylar is the trade name for a range of impact modified styrene acrylic copolymers that provide medium to high toughness, good clarity and easier processing for demanding injection molded applications. The primary benefits are a high optical quality, excellent impact strength, good resistance to alcohol, washing and cleaning agents, as well as an outstanding flowability. Furthermore, Zylar grades offer compliance with food contact regulations and with pharmacopoeia and biocompatibility tests. They are used, for example, in household applications, such as appliance housings; in medical devices, such as infusion systems and respiratory devices; and in the construction industry for sanitary housings.
  • Clearblend resins are clear, impact modified styrene acrylic copolymers: Similar to Zylar, Clearblend provides ease of processing and low density advantages, but in a cost effective dry blend form. Clearblend resins are engineered to provide balanced clarity and toughness so high performance does not have to mean higher cost. This material is used in a variety of applications including point of purchase displays, toys and leisure items, appliances, office accessories and consumer goods.