News Release

Styrolution outfits FIAT with UV-resistant aesthetics


Frankfurt, Germany

  • Luran S replaces all unpainted ABS exterior applications in FIAT Group models
  • Custom solution offers total cost reduction and premium surface quality

Frankfurt, Germany – January 9, 2014The quintessential Italian car manufacturer and one of the largest car makers worldwide,  the FIAT Group designs cars for the modern, urban lifestyle with a range of colorful city cars known for their fuel efficiency.  FIAT partnered with Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, to source a high-performance styrenic solution for exterior parts that would enable them to retain their premium appearance over time.

Key points:

  • Luran S replaces all unpainted exterior ABS applications in FIAT Group models: As a result of this close collaboration and Styrolution's ability to offer global sourcing, FIAT selected specialty copolymer Luran S, with a high-performance UV additive, to replace a commodity ABS polymer for all unpainted exterior applications across its car models worldwide. Luran S will be used in a number of exterior applications, ranging from rear view mirrors, emblems and front grills to b-pillars and roof rack bars.
  • Customized color development and paint cost reduction: Luran S allows FIAT to save on painting costs while offering high gloss, premium surface quality in FIAT Nero 831, a custom-made color developed by Styrolution at its Color Excellence Center in Cologne, Germany. Luran S also helps FIAT dramatically improve UV resistance to weather and ageing. This further enhances surface aesthetic performance by retaining gloss and color over time.
  • Luran S: An ideal styrenic specialty for exterior automotive applications: The Luran S grades and their blends (ASA and ASA+PC) are impact-modified with acrylic ester rubber, making them suitable for components that are exposed to rain, wind and weather, ensuring they retain high aesthetic quality.  

    The key properties of Luran S are:
    • Weather resistance and UV performance
    • Premium aesthetics for product differentiation
    • High stiffness
    • Dimensional stability
    • Resistance to temperature fluctuation
    • Good resistance to chemicals
    • High aging stability
    • Cost-effective
    • Global availability


Maurizio Servetti, Manager at FIAT Center Research – Group Materials Labs: "Luran S is one of the best materials of choice, as it allows us to create external parts that retain the premium surface quality our customers expect while reducing total costs. This is the kind of material innovation that helps FIAT deliver true value to our customers."

Pierre Juan, global industry lead, automotive, Styrolution: "FIAT is launching an increasing number of new models that are truly built on plastic design innovation," said Juan. "Styrolution has been a proud partner of FIAT for a number of years. We are very pleased we could work side-by-side with FIAT to co-create a customized styrenic solution that can now be found in literally every external application on every new FIAT model worldwide."