News Release

Styrenics for automotive: premium aesthetics at lower cost


Frankfurt, Germany


  • Global styrenics leader spotlights design innovation at the K 2013, the world's premiere plastics trade fair
  • Product innovations include: Novodur Ultra 4140PG for external electroplated decorative parts; Luran HH 120 SPF 50 for enhanced UV stability; Terblend S NM 31 for decorative interior light colors

Frankfurt, Germany – October 15, 2013 – At the K 2013, automotive manufacturers and designers can get an inside look at how Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, is addressing the new automotive design trends.

As polymers in cars are increasingly seen as visible proof of vehicle quality, new Styrolution grades are combining the best of automotive form and function: high-end surface aesthetics, low density and superior durability. As a high-value alternative to standard polypropylene-based materials, innovative styrenics offer high performance solutions at reduced weight and lower cost. Whether for front grills, mirrors or instrument panels, exterior panels or rear lights, the automotive applications based on styrenics are setting new standards in design, safety and environmental performance.

Key points:

  • The depth and breadth of the aesthetic and design possibilities of styrenics make them ever more interesting to engineers and designers alike. It is not just superior resilience and physical durability that make styrenics attractive. They are also easy to process in thin wall part design and low in density, making changes in design and lower volume production runs simple and cost-effective. And, of course, the exceptionally compelling aesthetics: styrenics-based products simply look better.
  • As the worldwide leader in automotive styrenics specialties ABS, ASA, ASA/PC, ABS/PC, and ABS/PA, Styrolution is a reliable, global supplier with wide-reaching application expertise and a long-term commitment to innovation. Styrolution dedicates significant resources to the research and development of the automotive solutions of tomorrow, for instance, to meet new performance and surface aesthetic requirements, such as scratch resistance, UV stability, electroplating and light weighting.
  • The scratch-resistance of Styrolution's specialty styrenics elevates automotive optics and high-end surface appearance by preventing the visible scratches and foggy surface look that occur with traditional materials over time.

Product innovations featured at the K:

  • Novodur Ultra 4140PG for external electroplated decorative parts – a styrenic blend and the newest member of Styrolution's family of electroplatable products, which includes Novodur P2MC and Novodur Ultra 4000PG. It provides exceptional heat and impact resistance at a lower density versus traditional alternative electroplated PC/ABS. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Novodur Ultra 4140PG can be conveniently processed on standard electroplating lines.
  • Luran HH 120 and the SPF50 UV package: A high heat material, pre-colored in piano black for external high gloss decorative parts – without painting. It is characterized by lightweight, lower density, as well as high resistance to heat, UV, chemicals and scratching.  It is the first blend based on styrene acrylonitrile copolymers (SAN) to be used on a large scale in the automotive industry. Luran HH 120 bk 37133 was selected by automotive supplier, MEGATECH Industries Technical Center, A.I.E that turned to Styrolution as it faced a challenge with an exterior B pillar on the SEAT Leon. The mold was not suitable for the product originally selected for the application, PMMA, because it lacked the required high flow capability. The team at Styrolution worked side-by-side with MEGATECH, advising them on a replacement for PMMA, Luran HH 120, which offered significantly improved aesthetics, excellent flowability and 10 percent lower density. Styrolution also assisted further by collaborating during the testing phase to ensure success. In the end, the collaboration helped improve time to market and reduce production costs as it became unnecessary to modify the mold to fit the product. The recent use of Luran HH 120 piano black by car manufacturers like Skoda and Jaguar Land Rover, which implemented the UV package SPF50, give this product exceptional future potential.
  • Terblend S NM 31 for decorative interior light colors applications exposed to high heat or severe UV, combined the advantage of ASA blended with PA. This high-flow, low-gloss material also comes in a variety of light trendy colors typically found in new electrical vehicles or city cars, convertible interiors or decorative parts under the windshield.


Pierre Juan, Automotive sales director, Styrolution:

"As the styrenics leader in automotive on a global scale, we know the value styrenics based solutions offer to automotive manufacturers.  The potential applications in automotive, driven by new design trends, are immense. Our approach is to create tailored solutions together with customers to give their finished parts a competitive edge."

Roberto Gualdoni, CEO, Styrolution:

"In order to keep on leading the way in styrenics for the automotive industry, we invest strategically in research and development to address growing demands for mobility, energy efficiency and light weight transportation as well as customization at an affordable price.  We want to be a visionary partner for our customers, fueling innovation and futuristic design."