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A journey through the new world of styrenics - Styrolution presents latest product innovations at the K 2013


Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, September 25, 2013.Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, is offering an in-depth look at its innovative product portfolio and company culture at the K 2013, the international trade fair for plastics and rubber in Duesseldorf. The interactive Styrolution exhibit features 3D elements and gives visitors the opportunity to learn how Styrolution is shaping the future of styrenics by co-creating products that help drive the automotive, electrical and electronics, household appliances, building and construction, healthcare and diagnostics, packaging and toys/sports/leisure industries.

Roberto Gualdoni, Styrolution CEO, says: "At the K 2013, Styrolution will present solutions that address global trends such as mobility, resource efficiency and the rise of age- and wealth-related disease. We will demonstrate firsthand how we work to drive success – together with our customers – by featuring product applications that bring value and a competitive edge across the seven industries we serve. As a company with more than 80 years of experience in styrenics, we are ideally positioned to help customers succeed with innovations that directly impact their business."

A personalized journey through today's styrenic innovations

Innovation is at the heart of Styrolution and the focus at the Styrolution booth. Featured innovations include, among others, new transparent products with high-impact strength and variations of Novodur Ultra for electroplating and saving material costs in automotive.

Much like Styrolution customizes its products for specific customer needs, the Styrolution exhibit is tailored for individual experiences. At check-in, visitors will activate a boarding pass that personalizes their interactive tour of Styrolution's latest product innovations. Using multi-media touch screens, visitors can select materials or develop customized product applications for delivery to their email accounts after the K. Styrolution staff will also be available for consultation and technical discussion at any time.

A closer look at the featured product innovations

New ZYLAR transparent products with high-impact strength 

At the K 2013, Styrolution is presenting two new ZYLAR product variations: ZYLAR 550 and ZYLAR 960. ZYLAR products are transparent methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymers (MBS) most commonly applied in the manufacturing of medical devices and household goods. In addition to their unparalleled crystal clear clarity, high optical quality and ease of processing, these products demonstrate high-impact strength and are resistant to alcohol and washing and cleaning agents. Both types of ZYLAR demonstrate outstanding flowability, while their modular character allows for stiffness and toughness. This combination of properties makes ZYLAR 550 and 960 ideal for application in a large number of industries.

Rob Buntinx, vice president styrenic specialties, EMEA Styrolution:
"At Styrolution, we know there is an increased market demand for high-quality, transparent, specialty products. We will continue to retain our focus on the development of new ZYLAR products and are already actively working on new variations that will further extend our ZYLAR portfolio very soon." 

Luran High Heat 120 SPF 50 for enhanced UV stability

Luran HH 120 SPF 50 is an innovation that offers high-performance aesthetics for the automotive industry. One of the few SAN-based products in automotive, it provides advantages such as transparency, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, rigidity and resistance to fluctuating temperatures and scratching. This modified HH SAN product also features a significant improvement in UV stability (versus standard HH SAN products) – making it a high performance polymer that offers added value for automotive applications.

The ‘piano black' version of this HH SAN further delivers on the high-gloss, jet black tone required by OEMs for interior and exterior automotive parts without the need for painting. This is achieved by combining a specially formulated pigment with the intrinsically transparent material in order to achieve a deep color and multi-dimensional appearance.

Novodur Ultra 4140PG for electroplating automobile components

Novodur Ultra 4140PG, a premium product designed specifically for electroplated applications, is an additional Novodur grade featured at the K 2013. Due to the low proportion of polycarbonate, this specialized product features high-impact strength, low density and excellent dimensional stability when hot. Novodur Ultra 4140PG is ideal for injection molding and its properties ensure optimal design for finished parts. Similar to Ultra 4000 PG, Novodur Ultra 4140PG offers a low-cost alternative to galvano PC/ABS, providing manufacturers significant savings in production costs thanks to the superior chrome layer adhesion and low reject rate after electroplating. Novodur Ultra 4140PG is based on decades of experience Styrolution has in this field, making it the product of choice for high-quality, decoratively enhanced interior and exterior parts.

Pierre Juan, automotive sales director, Styrolution:
"Our team works closely with customers from the automobile industry so that we can identify and develop the right solution for the needs of any individual application."