News Release

INEOS Styrolution raises the bar in food contact safety by achieving Chinese National GB standards compliance for its Luran® grades


Shanghai, China

  • Luran® SAN C 552495 and Luran® SAN C NR: Compliant with food contact regulations[1]
  • Luran® SAN C 552495 and Luran® SAN C NR: Compliant with relevant aspects of Chinese National GB food contact regulations1
  • INEOS Styrolution continues to advance application innovation in the household industry with Luran

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announces today that two of its Luran grades, Luran SAN C 552495 and Luran SAN C NR, are in compliance with GB 4806.6-2016 (Chinese National Food Safety Standard on Food-Contact Use of Plastic Resins), the additives used are cleared under GB 9685-2016 (Chinese National Food Safety Standard on Use of Additives in Food Contact Materials and Articles). These grades are also compliant with USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) food contact regulations.

Key points:

  • Material of choice for processing, design and safety: The Luran product line from INEOS Styrolution provides outstanding surface quality, excellent transparency and food contact compliance, enabling the creation of products that are aesthetically pleasant, durable and safe for daily household use. Luran SAN C 552495 and Luran SAN C NR exhibit well-balanced property profiles, good chemical resistance and superior processability for demanding injection moulding applications. The low residual monomer levels exhibited in these two grades is also the result of an upgrading project completed in 2017 at INEOS Styrolution’s SAN production lines in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, bringing on the advantage of improved food contact safety, particularly for the household industry, which requires food contact compliance for their finished products.
  • A versatile and cost effective solution: A trusted material with excellent property retention, INEOS Styrolution’s various Luran grades are currently used in various household applications such as water filters, mixers and blenders, cosmetics jars and coffee machine water containers.
“With the increasing tightening of plastic food contact safety compliance regulations globally, INEOS Styrolution collaborates closely with our partners to continuously renew, improve and differentiate our portfolio and services to generate further value for our customers in the household industry,” says Sven Riechers, Vice President, Specialties Business Management, Asia Pacific, INEOS Styrolution. “We are currently working on the other grades in our food contact range to achieve compliance with Chinese National GB food contact regulations.”

[1] Full details of our food contact statements are available upon request for our customers for whom this is relevant. These statements also identify certain tests that need to be carried out by the customer on the finished moulded article.