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Shaping the future of styrenics: INEOS Styrolution to showcase innovative solutions at Chinaplas 2018


Shanghai, China

  • Broad range of styrenic specialty solutions and customer applications available at Chinaplas 2018, Hall 7.2, Booth T21
  • New product specialty solutions include Novodur® Xspray (an eco-friendly polymer for high luminance spray painting) and StyLight® (an innovative thermoplastic composite)

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics will offer an in-depth look into its innovative product portfolio and collaborative partnerships at Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai, China, from April 24-27. Located at Hall 7.2, Booth T21, visitors will be able to experience firsthand, how INEOS Styrolution helps customers across various industries to succeed through collaborative innovation as in the below highlights.

The newly developed Novodur® Xspray[1] is an eco-friendly ABS alloy that combines excellent paintability for high luminance spray painting and good chemical resistance, hence eliminating the need for the primer treatment process. The material had been selected by Samsung, for its new range of recently launched refrigerators and vacuum cleaners in Asia.

StyLight® is a new generation of thermoplastic composites based on styrenic copolymers and woven fabric of glass of carbon fibres. The material combines surface aesthetics with structural stiffness, opening up opportunities for lightweight solutions in a wide range of applications across various industries including Automotive, Electronics, and Sports/ Leisure. The transparent nature of StyLight thermoplastic resin applied on carbon woven fabric allows for the design of “carbon look” applications at a significantly lower cycle time and processing costs compared to the current epoxy/ carbon technology.

"INEOS Styrolution is committed to helping our customers succeed by producing innovative products with outstanding properties and consistent quality for China and the region,” said Steve Harrington, President Global Styrene Monomer and Asia-Pacific. "We look forward to engaging our customers at the show and demonstrate how our best-in-class products can help them gain a competitive edge in the marketplace."

Exhibited innovative customer applications are sorted by industry.



A latest model of the Hero Glamour motorcycle from Hero MotoCorp will be on display at the INEOS Styrolution’s booth. Hero had selected INEOS Styrolution’s Novodur M 204 paintable ABS grade for various parts of the motorcycle, including mirror housing, front visor, blinker housing, front fender, tank spoiler and side cover. Novodur combines excellent paintability, good mechanical strength, high impact resistance and high flow providing manufacturers with a resin that is easy to process and that offers a high-quality surface finish.

For the new Changan LINMAX 1.5T model, Luran® S 777K SPF30 has been selected for the front grill, applying the hot stamping technology supplied by KURZ. Luran S offers high surface quality and color fastness for pre-colored unpainted exterior applications.

Premium car producers have selected Terblend®, an ABS/ PA or ASA/ PA blend, for their loudspeaker grills. It combines impact strength, excellent colorability and provides good acoustic dampening. The Terblend easy flow grade (EF) allows for a finely detailed grill structure. Terblend N is especially suitable for a matt surface finish that does not require painting, and is therefore a cost-effective choice for automotive interiors.

Novodur HH-112 is currently used for rear lamp housings of numerous models from top global automobile brands. As the best high-heat ABS on the market, Novodur HH-112 provides high heat resistance, high-dimensional stability and excellent stiffness. INEOS Styrolution developed a new color that enables laser welding techniques resulting in invisible weld lines, which improves aesthetics at lower total cost.

Another displayed solution will be a pillar based on Luran HH-120 piano black. The application has been developed by a European premium car manufacturer.


Household & Electronics:

INEOS Styrolution’s Luran 368R had been identified as the material of choice by Viomi Appliance Technology for the clear and transparent wall of its Viomi super filter kettle, L1 (UV germicidal edition). This grade offers high mechanical strength, brilliant color and is compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) food contact regulations.

A set of drinkware by Guzzini will also be shown in the household section of the exhibition. With an excellent surface appearance that will not turn foggy in the dishwasher, with lower weight due to less density and a great ease of processing, Guzzini found the ideal solution in INEOS Styrolution’s specialty grade NAS®. It offers excellent transparency, chemical resistance and is food contact compliant.

The combination of high impact strength, high flow and high modulus makes Novodur 640 the ideal material for Xiaomi’s robotic vacuum cleaner.  Besides bringing stability and impact toughness to the most commonly used part of the application, Novodur’s color consistency property also provides good surface quality, delivering premium aesthetics to the end application.

INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend N is used in Philips’s electric toothbrush. This material enables a high-quality and soft touch surface feel, combining an aesthetic look with superior impact and chemical resistance.



INEOS Styrolution will showcase a wide range of K-Resin® SBC solutions, including connectors, face masks and infusion sets. Most K-Resin copolymers meet USP Class VI requirements. They are readily sterilisable by gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide gas, or electron beam with minimal effects on physical or optical properties.

Other medical applications using Terlux® HD, including trocar, IV catheter and IV filter will also be displayed. This transparent specialty solution combines excellent transparency and good resistance to chemicals.



No matter the packaging requirements, INEOS Styrolution offers a range of solutions that will be featured at Chinaplas 2018. Solutions to be highlighted include flexible packaging made of Styrolux® T/S; cosmetic containers produced from Luran and NAS; and bi-orientated polystyrene sheet (BOPS) for disposable packaging, integrated circuit (IC) carrier tape and food containers made of K-Resin.



INEOS Styrolution will highlight various grades aimed at enhancing the performance of construction applications: Luran S 777 K: a well-balanced ASA with good flowability, easy processability and excellent UV resistance helping extruded sheet manufacturers to produce wider roofing; Luran S BX64106: an ideal grade for applications including window profile and floor decking due to its excellent mechanical and UV resistance properties; and Novodur 530: combines high impact strength, high modulus, good thermoforming stability and high hydrostatic strength (ISO 9080:2012), ideal for in-building piping application.


Toys/ Sports/ Leisure:

INEOS Styrolution’s high impact grade Absolac®[2] ABS had been selected by STUDDS for its premium range of motorcycle helmets. Absolac ABS combines excellent impact strength, easy processability and good dimensional stability making it the ideal polymer for helmet application.

[1] developed by INEOS Styrolution for the APAC market

[2] developed by INEOS Styrolution for the Indian market