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Agilyx Corporation and INEOS Styrolution sign MOU to advance the circularity of polystyrene


Tigard, Oregon, USA and Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Building on chemical recycling with the de-polymerisation technology
  • Connecting the dots across the value chain aiming at a circular economy

Agilyx Corporation and INEOS Styrolution have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for deploying Agilyx’s de-polymerisation technology at or near to an INEOS Styrolution facility in North America. The aim is to convert post-consumer polystyrene waste into styrene monomer that can be used to re-manufacture new polystyrene products.

The cooperation objectives defined in the MOU between Agilyx Corporation and INEOS Styrolution are the natural next step to set up a chemical recycling infrastructure and establish a circular economy for polystyrene.

Agilyx opened its first commercial waste polystyrene-to-styrene oil chemical recycling plant on April 19, 2018. The plant recycles up to 10 tons per day of previously unrecoverable polystyrene waste to produce high-quality styrenic polymers.

INEOS Styrolution is committed to driving the advancement of the de-polymerisation technology. Together with several research institutions, the company is working on a technical feasibility study and is aiming at the development of a holistic recycling concept in collaboration with waste management companies.

Both companies are committed to drive the “chemical recycling” technology forward, which is based on the de-polymerisation of post-consumer polystyrene waste. This technology aims at achieving virgin, high-quality polystyrene ultimately suitable for food-contact applications and medical applications.

“We are very excited to expand our partnership with INEOS Styrolution focused on creating a true circular pathway for polystyrene using our existing chemical recycling platform,” says Joe Vaillancourt, CEO of Agilyx. “This collaboration not only looks to support deployment of a new chemical recycling application, but it also helps create a new innovative supply chain that bridges both the plastics and waste management industries. This combination creates a new circular economy reality for polystyrene.” 

“We are excited to advance our partnership with Agilyx to the next level and further demonstrate our commitment to chemical recycling and circular economy of polystyrene. Jointly exploring site options for scaling the new technology will help with accelerating our development program that we announced back in Oct of 2017,” says Alexander Glück, President Americas INEOS Styrolution. He adds “We are eager to lay down the foundation for polystyrene to be recovered and recycled and build the eco-system around chemical recycling. This will help us continue to enjoy the great benefits of polystyrene delivering substantial contributions in areas such as advances in healthcare and food preservation.”


Agilyx is a comprehensive environmental solutions company located in Tigard, Oregon that extracts value from waste plastic streams. The company was founded on developing hydrocarbon recycling technologies that convert mixed plastics to high quality crude oil. It has since expanded its technology platform by developing the first circular chemical recycling system capable of converting waste polystyrene (packaging materials and consumer products, etc.) into styrene monomer, which is then used to remake polystyrene (“PS”) products. Agilyx is now working with waste service providers, municipalities, chemical companies, and private and public enterprises to develop closed loop industrial solutions for waste plastics.

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