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Polystyrene, a one-of-a-kind design, made for repeating.
PS, polystyrene is recyclable

Polystyrene is valuable and sustainable and has many material applications that out-perform alternative solutions. From construction and insulation to safe and hygienic food storage to medical applications and electronic housings and more. It has enabled innovation, safety, and energy savings across dozens of industries making it indispensable to our daily lives. PS, polystyrene is recyclable.

Modern Polystyrene Recycling – Breaking it Down

With the introduction of many new technologies, today’s recycling may not be as simple as you think. Learn about four advanced recycling technologies that capture post-consumer plastic waste, deal with contaminants, and simplify sorting steps.

90 years of polystyrene

The year 2021 marks the 90th year since the invention of the first ready-to-use polystyrene. It may seem that this material, so indispensable to our modern way-of-life, is a recent, modern-age invention, but in fact the polystyrene we know today, actually came of age, in 1931. And, its beginnings go back even further - all the way back to 1839!