1. How to reset the password?

If you forgot your password, you can easily change it.

Go to “Sign in” section in header

Click “Forgot Password


You will receive one email with the instructions to change your password.

2. How to change My Profile Settings?

You can also update your data or request access (i.e. to Order Management) by clicking on My Profile Settings


3. How to change preferred language settings?

Sign in to eShop
Click on the user name in the header to enter the user setting area


You will be redirected to your Account where you can change all of your personal data.

The language settings can be changed in the "Language" area by click on 'Edit'
In a drop down selection list you can choose your preferred language - please click after your selection on 'safe change'.


The preferred language is linked to the user account now and will be the default language for the next sessions.

4. What to do when my email address changes?

You need to register again by clicking on the Registration button and apply for a new user.

5. Search and browse material

If you're looking for a specific material, enter a few characters into the search box in the eShop and we will show up to 5 matching results. To improve your results, try restricting your search to color or material number.
Example material code:


Example with Material number 50003342 below


For a specific customer material search, please use the option Customer Material.

If you want to have more information about the material family, please visit the Products and Industries section


6. The product is not in the product catalogue

If you have not found the product in the products and industries section and you tried also by the search without success.

Then you will need to contact the Infopoint to review your specific case:

To search for a Product on our website www.ineos-styrolution.com you can always make use of our Product Path Finder functionality. Just type the product under Enter product name…

7. Reocurring orders

If you order the same product regularly, you should use the Recommended Order Templates.
They contain the materials, which were ordered before.

Just go to ORDER TEMPLATES, select one template and select the materials which you need and click “Add to cart”

8. How I can find my order?

Select the option ORDER MANAGEMENT in the eShop menu.


In the filter you have different options.

For a fast search type in the Keyword field the number of Customer PO# and select the filter option “By Purchase Order Date” selecting the range of the date when you place the order.


9. No email notification received

If you placed an order and you have not received the email notification (with our order number) in a period of 15 minutes please notify your customer service contact in order to review your order. Details can be found under CONTACTS


10. No Ship-To appears for selection

In the Shopping Cart, if the Ship-To address is not visible in the list, please contact your customer service in order to review the missing address.


11. The price is not in the shopping cart (relevant for Sales Region Asia)

If the price does not appear in the Shopping Cart, you will need to contact your sales representative to have the prices up-dated. As soon as the price is available you will be able to proceed with the order.