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INEOS Styrolution launches new U.S. produced, NAS® ECO grade of bio-attributed polymers for the Americas region




  • Decatur, Alabama facility to produce bio-attributed NAS® ECO with lower carbon footprint
  • New drop-in solutions support companies in meeting sustainability goals

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, today announces the introduction of their U.S., domestically produced NAS ECO grade of sustainable polymers. The new grade contains bio-based renewable materials and is now available in the Americas.

The addition of NAS ECO into the company’s ECO product portfolio, provides their customers with a growing selection of drop-in solutions for domestically produced, bio-attributed styrenic polymers without costly process changes.[1]

Produced at INEOS Styrolution’s site in Decatur, Alabama, NAS ECO is based on the mass balance ISCC PLUS certified approach. NAS ECO 21, NAS ECO 30, and NAS ECO 90 will carry a “BB70” designation which indicates the percentage of bio-based content to be 70%, and NAS ECO XC will become available with a 50% bio-based content.

INEOS Styrolution Vice President Sales Management, Americas, Ricardo Cuetos, says, “We are pleased to offer our customers, U.S. produced, bio-attributed products. Our ECO materials provide customers with a seamless approach for integrating sustainable styrenic solutions into their current manufacturing processes.”

NAS ECO materials have identical properties and the same high-quality and performance as their fossil-based NAS counterparts. Thus, enabling a direct replacement for customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainable product goals.

About NAS:
NAS is a stiff, amorphous styrene methyl methacrylate (SMMA) copolymer for demanding applications requiring excellent transparency such as water tanks and drinkware, medical devices, point-of-purchase displays, food storage and more. SMMA materials are used in applications across a range of industries including automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, household, and packaging. NAS features an outstanding water-clear appearance, an extreme low-haze as well as a good thermal and chemical resistance. The optical properties of NAS are similar to PMMA, commonly known as acrylic. However, NAS has many material advantages when compared to acrylic solutions, primarily improved density and processing advantages for manufacturing.

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[1] Domestically produced SBC products were introduced earlier this year: