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INEOS Styrolution’s high performing Luran® S SPF60 selected for automotive application




  • INEOS Styrolution’s Luran® S XA SPF60 offers excellent weather resistance, UV stabilisation, and enhanced deep black appearance for automotive exterior applications.

A leading European automotive brand has selected INEOS Styrolution’s Luran S SPF60 for the blackening panel of the company’s line of trucks. The selection was made due to the product’s superior surface quality in combination with its weather resistance.

INEOS Styrolution has had a long-standing relationship with the automotive company and its application supplier. The two companies have previously collaborated on development projects using INEOS Styrolution’s Luran S 778T material and the SPF30 additive package. Thus, it was a natural next step to test the enhanced XA SPF60 package[1] as soon as it became available. Initial tests were positive and subsequently, the new material was approved for the company’s automotive applications.

Laura Nübling, Product Manager Luran S, EMEA says: “Luran S XA SPF60 was developed for demanding outdoor applications that require superior UV resistance and high gloss surfaces. When we developed the product, we had deep black automotive applications for automotive components like exterior trims, rear-view mirrors, and dual design front grilles. I am very excited to see our Luran S SPF60 material cruising down the road.”

Luran S is an ASA[2] polymer featuring high surface quality, good impact strength and enhanced colour fastness. Luran S products deliver superior long-term performance when exposed to UV irradiation and heat. They also provide excellent chemical resistance.

To strengthen its position as the benchmark styrenic polymer for weather resistance, the enhanced Luran S SPF30 and Luran S SPF60 packages were developed, offering state-of-the-art UV stabilisation.

A broad portfolio of advanced Luran S products is addressing solutions in industries including automotive, construction, toys, sports & leisure, electronics, healthcare, household and packaging.

Luran S 778T, the material used for the blackening panel, is one grade out of the range of Luran S materials. It is specifically optimised for high heat and chemical resistance and can be found in many automotive applications.


[2] ASA: acrylonitrile styrene acrylate