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PLAYMOBIL selects plant-based styrenics material from INEOS styrolution for new sustainable toys


Frankfurt and Zirndorf, Germany



Selected materials: Terluran® ECO GP-22 BC100 and Zylar® ECO 960 BC90

PLAYMOBIL, a leading global toy producer, has selected plant-based ABS[1] and plant-based MBS[2] from INEOS Styrolution for their new PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR product lines.

PLAYMOBIL has confirmed that it has converted the production of all items in its toddler portfolio from traditional, fossil-based to plant-based materials. The new PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR playsets will be produced with INEOS Styrolution’s sustainable bio-based ABS material Terluran® ECO GP-22 BC100. The suffix “BC100” indicates 100% bio-based feedstock, i.e. all three conventional feedstock components in ABS are replaced by renewable feedstock. This approach allows to maximise the renewable feedstock in the respective material with only additives remaining on conventional feedstock. The sustainable material is provided through an ISCC[3]-certified mass balanced approach.

Transparent toy components are made with the MBS Zylar® ECO 960 BC90. It contains 90% bio-based feedstock – again in an ISCC-certified mass balance approach. As a consequence, all PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR toys are made with at least 90% plant-based materials.

PLAYMOBIL is already an ISCC member and is currently also undergoing the ISCC certification process.

Dr. Christian Ruthard, Product Manager ECO EMEA says: “Terluran ECO GP-22 BC100 is a material with a neutral to even negative carbon footprint, when biogenic carbon is taken into account.”

Sven Riechers, Vice President Sales management EMEA at INEOS Styrolution says: “We have a long-standing relationship with PLAYMOBIL. I am impressed by the speed at which they adopted our bio-based materials. Our two companies share the same values. We both care for the environment and future generations to enjoy it. Thus, it comes naturally that the bio-based material will be integrated into the production of the PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR Toddler portfolio.”

PLAYMOBIL CEO Bahri Kurter: “After successfully establishing several classic product lines to now use recycled and bio-based plastics, converting the production of our toddler line is another important step on our ambitious sustainability agenda.”

The new plant-based plastics under the new brand PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR can be traced back to materials left over from food or paper production according to the mass balance approach used in the circular economy and based on the ISCC 208 standard. For the packaging, at least 90% recycled cardboard and 100% recycled paper are used. The change to sustainable materials is also accompanied by a relaunch of the packaging design. The entire product range is planned to be converted by the middle of the year.

This makes PLAYMOBIL the first major toy manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete product segment using at least 90 % plant-based materials.



With the PLAYMOBIL® brand, 7.5 cm tall figures, animals and extensive accessories are at the center of a creative, award-winning system toy. The imaginative role play with historical and modern themed worlds has fascinated children for 50 years and is appreciated by parents and educators alike. Over 3.8 billion PLAYMOBIL® figures have been produced since 1974. The approximately 40 play themes are sold in around 100 countries worldwide. The Playmobil business unit belongs to the Horst Brandstätter Group based in Zirndorf, Germany.

PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR is perfect for little hands and first toddler-friendly discoveries. With captivating functions like stacking puzzles, and sorting, it’s the perfect first step for 1-4 year old children into the larger PLAYMOBIL universe. PLAYMOBIL JUNIOR products can be used in a large variety of ways, e.g. in playrooms, back yards and playgrounds, and with the “AQUA” line also in the bathtub and pool. Additionally, the collaboration with Disney brings Disney inspired, licensed play sets to the market that will also be produced using the new sustainable materials.


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[1] ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer

[2] MBS: methylmethacrylate butadiene styrene

[3] For ISCC see